graph_tool.ungroup_vector_property(vprop, pos=None, props=None)[source]#

Ungroup vector property map vprop into a list of non-vector property maps.


Vector property map to be ungrouped.

poslist of ints (optional, default: None)

A list of indices corresponding to where each element of vprop should be inserted into the ungrouped list. If not provided, it will correspond to the entire range of the first element in the map.

propslist of PropertyMap (optional, default: None)

If supplied, should contain a list of property maps to which vprop should be ungroupped.

propslist of PropertyMap

A list of property maps with the ungrouped values of vprop.


>>> from numpy.random import seed, randint
>>> from numpy import array
>>> seed(42)
>>> gt.seed_rng(42)
>>> g = gt.random_graph(100, lambda: (3, 3))
>>> prop = g.new_vertex_property("vector<int>")
>>> for v in g.vertices():
...    prop[v] = randint(0, 100, 3)
>>> uprops = gt.ungroup_vector_property(prop)
>>> print(prop[g.vertex(0)].a)
[51 92 14]
>>> print(array([p[g.vertex(0)] for p in uprops]))
[51 92 14]